I'm a professional composer for orchestral pieces with more than a decade of experience. If you are interested in using my music for a project, or want me to compose custom tracks, feel free to PM me, or send a mail to vociferous@hotmail.com :)

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Hey guys,

summer just arrived and I got more time to invest into the production of music. Being that said, I will lower my pricing until 1st August 2019 and decrease it by 50%!

Here is the updated commission info:

* Offers & Work

Vociferous Music is composing mainly orchestral music, or acoustic music (Jazz would be a good example for that). I currently offer the following:

1) Soundtracks (games or other projects)

2) Scores (movies or other projects)

Note: I might also accept requests for electronic or hybrid music. Just ask me about it!

* Tariff

The regular price for the composing service is $100 per minute for soundtracks and $150 per minute for a score. Unlike a soundtrack, which usually just has a certain theme, scores have to be fitting the shown pictures/video at the right moments, which makes the work more intense and therefore is more expensive than the work of usual soundtracks.

The price only includes digital works in the form of audio files (usually WAV or MP3). If the customer wishes to receive notes/sheets along (mainly goes for scores), then the price gets increased by 50%, namely $225 per minute. So the customer is able to re-play the composition by their own orchestra, if that is needed. 

* Copyright and license

Remember that the original copyright belongs to Vociferous Music. Please do not sell or give away the received soundtracks/scores to third persons for commercial reasons.

Vociferous only works with royalty free music. If you purchased a soundtrack or a score, you are free to re-use it for other projects again. The music gets purchased to the customer in person and not a specific project.

The name 'Vociferous Music' has to be named as composer somewhere inside your project.

* Payment

At the moment I tend to only accept transitions via Paypal. Depending on your location I might also accept other payment methods like Paysafecard, Amazon Gift Cards etc.

After I received all needed information or material to start off composing, you will provide me the half of the money already (I have to do this due to frauding). If I'm done with the work and you are satisfied with how the soundtrack/score sounds like, you will be paying me the other half of the money. I then will provide you with a download link with the full quality audio file.

* Special/Custom service

Do you have a favourite instrument? Or do you just want to have a certain instrument playing in the composition? No problem, I do have a very big pool of instruments to use and I certainly do follow your personal wishes! This doesn't have to be related to instruments only. Feel free to come up with all your personal requests towards me and I will make them come true!


Vociferous Music