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Amazing! Firstly I didn't even know that pressing play with cause anything, but then I noticed. :P

By the way, doesn't it cause problems with Nintendo by using a cover from the Tetris theme?
Because I would like to upload a Mario cover of mine, but I'm very unsure about whether I should go for it.

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I don't have too much knowledge about this genre. But the way it is solved, it's more than alright to me. I also like your style of rapping, I like listening to it.

Just one thing from my personal taste. I would try to make the song sound more surround. It can be done by playing with some of the instrument's/track's pan. I don't know which DAW you are using, but some also have FX plugins where you can spread the stereo, basically creating a surround effect.
But that's the only criticism.
The song itself sounds better than many rap songs I get to listen to nowadays. Keep it up!


Here's my feedback to the song:

The voice sounds very clear, sounds like a good microphone was used for the recording. The effects used on it are nice either. Considering this is a hiphop, there is much variation put in, which keeps the listener interested, which also is very positive.

About possible improvement: I'm not sure, but I think you only used one layer for the voice. It's very usual, that people put in double layers for the voice. Basically, you rap everything twice with the same speed and put both tracks together, one being the primar track and one the secondary. It adds more to the professional sound in my opinion. You should also play around a bit with the stereo, putting some instruments or tracks more to the left and others to the right.

Tip: You should add the tag "Trap" as well as I can hear out some elements of the trap genre.

Well done! I'm more into acoustic songs that contain real instruments, but I like this very much! It gives me a bit of nostalgic feeling as this reminds a bit of the Sims shop themes, or even the old Wii shop theme, when it comes to the atmosphere and melody.

Shufflehound responds:

Thanks! I'm getting more into acoustic stuff myself (with synths still), but keep an eye out.



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