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Amazing! Firstly I didn't even know that pressing play with cause anything, but then I noticed. :P

By the way, doesn't it cause problems with Nintendo by using a cover from the Tetris theme?
Because I would like to upload a Mario cover of mine, but I'm very unsure about whether I should go for it.

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Even though I usually do not listen to Rap, I do like this piece. I can hear out stereo effects being used, which grants a better surround feeling, which I like very much.
I don't have anything against the voice. I do like the chorus effect being used, while it still sounds clear to me without any loss of quality.

As already mentioned by other people, please don't send the same private message to a dozen of people. At least do customize it.

Now you got the deserved 4 stars!
I really enjoyed all your recent works, all of them brought me to a different trip during the listen.
The combination of how you used the chords, and switch in between the moods, is very nice solved.
I definitely can see a big improvement from your old works, just alone the fact you are using multiple instruments now.

As I think you already are skilled enough composing lovely melodies, your next goal could be to improve your range of instruments from time to time. Adapting to your style, I think instruments such as an oboe, bassoon, horn, as well as bigger strings (cello;bass) would be quite nice to hear in the future. You could also try out percussion, be it drums such as a timpani, or a glockenspiel.

Strimlarn87 responds:

Thank you for that. I agree completely. Those are almost the exact thoughts that I've had in these recent times. In the future I will be studying more advanced works and I'm currently reading more about music. it might not be soon but sometime here in the future that I start making music with even more instruments. I kind of enjoy making music for a smaller ensamble though, so I might keep doing that for some time now.

Lovely! A simple, but good composition. Very dreamy, soft and calming.

There just is one thing I have to leave here. It's about the harp. It kind of plays the same notes, or even chord all the time. All I noticed is that the chord changes the height of the notes, but stays the same. I would have wished more variation for the harp, it more being alive, also playing different notes such as 16th.

There would be many other things I might talk about, but I see you still seem to be new at composing music (considering your joining date and submitted audio). So what you are doing right now, is more than alright compared to your experience. Keep it up! :)

beetjuice responds:

I agree. Thank you for the review! :)



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