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Amazing! Firstly I didn't even know that pressing play with cause anything, but then I noticed. :P

By the way, doesn't it cause problems with Nintendo by using a cover from the Tetris theme?
Because I would like to upload a Mario cover of mine, but I'm very unsure about whether I should go for it.

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Pretty sick track overall!

What I like most about it are the different ideas inserted into one soundtrack. There definitely are many different elements in terms of the emotions that come up during the listen. During the first half minute I thought this is going to be some hardcore stuff (also because of the audio waves, haha). But then it became more melodic before it got harder again - there is lots of variety given! I also like the switch to fulltime-step at 3:35, and even the quick and sudden switch to quartertime-step at 4:54.
The acoustic percussions for the transitions are well done!

The only transition I think still sounds a bit raw is the one at 1:54. I don't know, I think you could have done better there. :)

Only thing I really do criticize is the mixing. I think your track does lack of low frequency. I wished the baseline, sub, kick etc. were more massive.

My favorite part probably is 1:11. Sounds very dope to me. :P

Spadezer responds:

Glad you enjoyed! Yeah I like to try to be melodic even though this has probably been my hardest and hardcore song so far. I see what you mean about 1:54, and I'm surprised you'd think it's lacking in low frequencies. Thanks for the feedback though. Much appreciated :)

Funny to see that I own half of the named Kontakt libraries myself, haha. :)

I must say your style does remind me on my own, at least when it comes to the composition of the following chords - I could swear the violin's melody playing at 1:28-1:45 could be from me, too. :D
The piece is very emotional, a mixure of hope and dramatic, to me.

I also like your sound design, mixing and mastering. I like the amount of reverb you use. It neither sounds too wet, nor too dry.

Transitions could be done better overall in my opinion. A good example is the moment at 2:01. The new phrase comes a bit too suddenly. Here I would suggest to wait one or two bars, let all the sustained notes stretch and go become quieter, before the part at 2:01 starts.
At 2:50, I'm missing something. Be it a reversed cymbal crash, or an instrument like a string starting a half bar beforehand - something where your mind would think "Okey, something is coming now".
The ending just as well is too quick and abrupt. Never forget that a song's outro is just as important as its intro. :)

Within your next compositions, I also would like to see more variation in terms of melody and chords. By that I mean, you have been working with the A-minor key chord all the time. I would have wished some mood swing here, maybe for the side-parts of the soundtrack, while you keep the main concept for the main parts of the song.

Although, I'm still going to rate this with 5 stars as I enjoyed listening to it very much nonetheless. :)

P.S.: I could swear the legato cello at the beginning comes from the Tina Guo plugin. x)

Cheers and stay healthy!

AceMantra responds:

Hey! Thanks for the detailed review!
I use the Tina Guo cello quite a bit. In fact, it was my first kontakt instrument.

Yeah, you got me there. I really like writing in Dm and Am, and I thought I could get away with little variation in chord progressions. But you saw right through it! Clever. XD
As for the transitions and outro, yeah I'll have to agree. Call it a moment of laziness, or impatience. I really wanted to release it and not see it fall into the sea of unfinished works I have.
Keep an eye out for the next one, I'll be sure to use your suggestions next time. :)

Just realized this is a bit familiar to your latest work in terms of melody - like this was an extended version of the other, with slight changes.
I really enjoyed the dynamic/change in between heavy and soft pressed keys, makes it sound organic and alive. :)

The overall atmosphere reminds me on some dramatic romance, or lovesickness.

EverErratic responds:

Thank you for the review! I'm glad you like the dynamics. I was inspired by the anime Your Lie in April, which may be why it reminds you of a dramatic romance or lovesickness.

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