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Amazing! Firstly I didn't even know that pressing play with cause anything, but then I noticed. :P

By the way, doesn't it cause problems with Nintendo by using a cover from the Tetris theme?
Because I would like to upload a Mario cover of mine, but I'm very unsure about whether I should go for it.

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Hey there. I'd like to give you a little feedback on that. :)

First off, I'm not sure if I can agree with you. Not sure if that would be something I'd listen to during a sunset. It definitely is too fast to give me that feeling. I even felt a little bit of dancing, haha. I'd say it's more related to a sunrise, in terms of "Good morning, what a wonderful day to do some actions!"
But in general it's a bit iffy. Some melodic parts are major and some are minor, which provides a bit a mood switch between dramatic and uplifting, which in general I find interesting!
But in general I'd relate it more to the sunrise. But that probably is based on different views.

The track is mixed and mastered well - although missing a little bit more of higher frequences. But otherwise there is nothing else to complain.

The short break at 2:07 was a good idea and calms it down a little bit. The transition into the continuation is nice. I especially like the outro of the song starting at 3:03. I think you have done very well there. Although the transition at 3:16 isn't optimal. I would have added a crash cymbal, or left out the drums until 3:19 when the tom plays.

The choice of sounds is nice and grants a harmonic mix, as well as switching between major and minor occasionally. I like the scale switch at 0:59.
Although I noticed something. At times the melody plays in major while the high pitched synth plays in minor at the same time (example 1:33). That honestly does not sound too pleasant to me, it bites the little bit. Something familiar is happening at 2:05. The notes don't really fit together. But at the same time, you did very well with the Xylophone playing the notes at 3:21. That would be a situation where this mixure of major and minor matches together.

Giving it 4.5 stars as I enjoyed it and the negative points are rather minor things. Good job! :)

Dag0 responds:

Thank you for your feedback, i appreciate it a lot. :)

About the name of the piece... yeah, i agree that it is, at some parts, it is more likely to be heard at a sunrise. But i chose that title because at some points, as you said, it sounds a little iffy, like if you were wondering what will happen the next day, and if it will be good things or bad things, what brings me to the other point.

As you could notice, the harmony of this piece tends to change from major to minor and viceversa, but that's not all of it. The first harmony that you hear after the intro is an ambiguous one, because the first chord (A major) should be a minor one. That's something i did on purpose to add to the iffy atmosphere you pointed out (and that's what i mean with don't knowing whether what is going to happen tomorrow is going to be good or bad, or in this case, major or minor lol).

Thanks again for your comment and good luck with the competition :)

Hey there. Just appeared in my box and I thought I would give you a feedback for one of your new tracks, which hopefully will help you further.

Mixing & Mastering

The track in general is mixed well. I do realizea little dullness at the end of the higher frequences, but I think that's because you did not upload the best quality here, which is fine.
But in overall it sounds clean and expressive.
There are two things I do notice though. While the clap is all fine in the predrop, the snare kind of gets lost in the drop. It lacks of strength. It either is too quiet or it gets mushed by the kick as it plays at the same time. A bit of a more powerful snare would be cool. After a while I noticed that also the hihats lost their presence during the drop. At first I thought they were just not there. They are barely noticable. A nice hihat or cymbal playing in between the kick and snare would have given it some more of flair.

Structure and Phrasing

Nice overall structure. A good intro leading into the predrop smoothly. The break also is done very well - increasing action. There is just a little thing missing during the bar leading to the drop (1:10-1:11; 2:34-2:35). Maybe a vocal or the baseline already preparing and gaining volume. It sounds a bit empty.
I do like the switch to the full-time step after the drop, it gives it more variation.
The transition into the outro isn't as smooth as the transition into the drop. I think the single kick is a bit overkill. I would have either removed it or replaced it by a low sub.
It's a bit of shame that you repeated the same break. An alternative one for the second half would have been nice.

Melody and Instrumentation

The chosen percussion and sounds are good and I really like your choice of the dubstep bass sounds. They were quite cool to listen to!
I think another instrument/sound would be nice to add at the second half of the predrop - maybe a high pitched synth/lead that plays faster notes.

Sound design

I really like the endings every 4 bars within the drop. They are creatively done and different ideas have been played out. I like the EQ-play within the track, it definitely adds spice to it. The FX sounds are well chosen quite as well.

Please don't get irritated by the negative points I mentioned. These are relatively small things. I just thought I would tell you these as we all gain experience and skill by receiving (good) critism. :P

Giving the whole piece 4.5 stars since as I said, these are really small things I enjoyed listening to it quite much nonetheless. :)

Hey there! Within this I'd like to give you general feedback to your song and take the occasion to answer you to your comment on my soundtrack.
I have chosen this piece to give feedback to since that's a genre I enjoy listening to very much!

First off, this definitely also falls under the 'swing' genre. It has many characteristics of it and I personally would even say this is more familiar with swing than jazz.
What I enjoyed is your creativity for the chosen melody and chords. Your choice of instruments is excellent as well. They fit very well and I also like the Xylophone, which gives the piece something playful to it.
I personally would have chosen another tempo. Music of that kind usually works with a BPM range of 110 to 130. Your soundtrack is a little bit too hectic and in my opinion the general expression would have been even better, if the BPM were slower.

Now about your comment. Please don't feel like you have no talent at all. Because that's definitely not the case! You are in age of 15 and what you did was comparing apples to pears. Without knowing for how long you've been into composing, I already know that I have way more experience than you. Everyone starts off small and the time will do it's job if you keep practising, believe me! And to be straight up honest, I believe that your stuff does sound way better than what I did in age of 15. So just keep it up and improve! :)

Dag0 responds:

Thank you so much for your comment, i really appreciate it when someone reviews my songs like that. About the genre... to be honest i thought of swing as well, but since i couldn't find it on the list, i had to choose jazz because it was the other one that this song reminded me of lol.

I've been making music since the age of 14, a year and a half ago, and I have always liked the type of music that you did. I hope that some day i will be able to do those kind of things as well, you are now my inspiration, thanksxd.



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